October 18, 2019


Name Belkis Galainena Phone 305-458-6181




Connect with the Universal Hologram.

Journey Inward to Excel Outward.

A 2-day paradigm shifting course with Dr. Cecilia Shaw

Learn to set your quantum mind in action and use the mind’s fullest potential to thrive in all aspects of life.

t Connect with your inner-self

t Align body, mind and spirit

t Increase awareness, alertness and intuition

t Improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

t Resolve conflicts effortlessly

t Reach life goals

t Improve relationship with self and others

t Release subconscious emotions

t Learn relaxation and de-stressing techniques

t Dissolve limiting belief systems

t Increase creativity


Bodhi Zenz Yoga Studio 7520 SW 57 Ave., Ste K South Miami, Fl. 33143

COURSE REGISTRATION: www.quantumenergymed.com