BodyTalk for Animals works on the same premise as a session for a human being. Using biofeedback, just as with humans, I will connect with the animal's innate wisdom and receive the information needed to neutralize any blockages, reestablish any compromised energy flow and balance the animal's body to facilitate healing.


So, Belkis Galainena is my hero. She came to my house yesterday and performed Bodytalk on Tristan, my 12 year old dog. My vet had told me that he was not in much pain but he thought it may have been time to put him down. So after one BodyTalk session, Tristan is walking today, ate a whole chicken breast and 3 bowls of water, went potty outside and sniffed the kitties. I have no words of the joy I am feeling at this moment. 

~ Seamus M.

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