Every group of people, joined together for any reason, be it family, friends or in a work setting, create an energetic body or matrix of that group. With BodyTalk, we can address any Matrix and the relationships between the members, so that the resulting energy is balanced and the group can function better as a whole. As individuals, we also belong to matrixes of seemingly inanimate concepts, such as money matrixes, love matrixes or business matrixes. With this technique, I can address any matrix that may be imbalanced in your life.


You are fantastic!!!! Thank you so much. I slept so much better last night, didn't even get up to go to the bathroom (something I was doing every few hours or so). I even woke up more positive, something I had lost in the last week or so. I made a comment to someone at home that it feels like last night someone flipped a switch on my body and a bunch of things fell into alignment... now I know why!!!!!   I can't thank you enough!!!!

~ Yvette S.

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