A haunting at 2010

sometime around 1967-1979 ~

From the age of 1 to 12 years old, I lived with my mom, dad, sister and grandparents at house number 2010. It is, by all standards, an Old Miami Home built in 1939 with hardwood floors and stucco walls. I do not remember ever feeling scared or sensing anything paranormal going on there. But apparently everyone else did.

My mother, grandmother and sister each has at least one story about the unexplained noises they heard or events that occurred.

My grandmother always said that house was haunted. She said that several times she would leave the kitchen and come back to find all the cabinet doors open. One time, the door in the kitchen that led to the garage slammed forcefully by itself right in front of her.

My mother says that she witnessed a crystal drop from the chandelier slowly onto the table. It was a small event but left her quite shaken. The big event for her was the hearing of footsteps. She still retells the story with a lot of emotion. She claims that one night, while asleep in their bed, both she and my father hear loud footsteps coming down the hallway. Startled by the noise my father got out his revolver and checked the entire house only to find all doors and windows closed and everyone else sound asleep.

What happened to my sister in 2012 was a little more tangible and she remembers it vividly. Our Aunt had just gifted us a crucifix on a gold chain for our confirmation. It was a Saturday and apparently we were going to downtown for shopping trip. My mother insisted we leave our jewelry in a safe place and stashed a box with our valuables in the drop ceiling of the kitchen. Upon our return everything was in the box except for my sister’s crucifix. Later that year we moved a block over and my sister and her then boyfriend searched the entire kitchen ceiling one last time. They never found it.

My mother still lives one block over and I drive by there on a regular basis. I wonder if the current homeowners ever had any of these experiences. I still haven’t noticed anything peculiar about that house except the fact that my favorite driveway to roller skate on is much smaller than I remember.