My cousin Tony

september 2001 ~

My Cousin Tony was recovering at Jackson memorial hospital after a brutal stabbing. He had interrupted a burglary at his home and had been stabbed in the chest. The knife blade had pricked his heart, but that was days ago and he was now in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery so why was he floating over my head this Saturday afternoon bidding me goodbye?

I was walking through my tv room and suddenly there he was. I could perceive his energy above my head saying goodbye. Without any conscious thought or hesitation, my higher self said to him, “no. you aren’t going anywhere. You have two little girls that need you and you will stay. Now get back in your body and face the consequences of your life.”

It was so commanding a tone and I felt such intense feeling of rightness, that I know, like I know, like I know. That something monumental had just happened.

As soon as the energy dispersed, I called my mom. She was all shook up, they had just called from the hospital to say that he was not going to make it. But gratefully he did and I just text him today to get the exact date for my post.

So how much control do we actually have over when we cross? Trick question. Probably none. He didn’t go because he wasn’t meant to go. He would have been ushered back into his body one way or the other. I just happened to have been the one to unwittingly do it.