Can’t a girl savasana in peace?

sometime around 2002 ~

Savasana, dead man’s pose. That last part of a yoga class that is the very definition of surrender. I had made it through the class.

Yoga was very new to me at the time and I was trying my best. I found a wonderful yoga studio walking distance from my office and I was going to classes religiously. I was searching for new experiences and yoga was perfect for pushing my mind and body.

So here I was, at the end of another class, laying in savasana, my muscles finally relaxing and my mind easily following the gentle guidance of the yoga instructor. When suddenly I hear a man’s voice say Scotty. I heard it clearly, firmly and right in my left ear. Then the voice continued on, this time saying Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, over and over and over again.

I suddenly realized who this was. It was Mike, an old friend of my parents who had recently passed. Scotty is his son. I would have never made the connection without hearing Scotty’s name. In that sudden realization I felt overwhelmed with uncertainty. I had no idea what to do and all I was certain of was that I wanted no part in mediumship. I forcefully pushed up into what I believe was the spiritual plane and made the following declaration in my loudest non-verbal voice.

Everybody up here, leave me alone! Do not communicate with me again! This goes for all of you!

I laugh now to think that I was so frightened and reluctant to do something that comes so naturally to me. I do have to say that my “screaming” at the spirit world worked. They left me alone until much later when after much learning I welcomed them back in with boundaries and rules. Never during savasana.