Abuela Clara doesn’t speak Hebrew

around 2017 ~

When I say that I am a reluctant participant in these mediumship moments, I really mean it. Here we are at my sister-in-law’s grandmother’s funeral in North Miami. All of their family is here and the rabbi is reading from the torah in Hebrew. I have somehow ended up sitting in the very first row with an empty seat to my left.

A few minutes into the service, I start to perceive what I can only describe as an energy that is moving in a circular motion from the casket to the empty pew beside me and back. I tell myself that it’s my imagination and that nothing is really happening but the energy continues in a loop. Over and over again, until I acknowledge that it’s there.

Then it stops next to me and it’s Abuela Clara. She turns to me and says. “Yo no entiendo nada de lo que dicen.” and motions with her head at the rabbi speaking Hebrew. A family member then goes to the podium and starts talking in Spanish. Abuela Clara smiles and says “Ahora si!” and with that she fades aways.

It wasn’t a huge life altering message I got to share with the family but she was there and she was happy to hear the beautiful words in a language she understood.