Awe is leaving

April 12, 2004 ~

Exactly 19 years ago today, the date that I am writing this post, my grandmother passed away. The last time I saw her she was sitting on her bed at a rehab facility where she had just arrived. She was to begin rehabilitation for knee surgery and was in good spirits. She was joking about the room being her apartment and that she was looking forward to some time away from my grandfather. He and my mother were also there.

She strangely asked me if I knew what the date was. I thought it was an odd question but I answered her confidently that it was the 12th of April. She nodded quite pleased and changed the subject.

I’ve very often thought about that moment and how clear it is to me that she knew she was going to cross over. We were there with her only a few minutes and she told us to leave. We even argued a bit with her about staying a while but she was adamant that we leave, so we did.

Within an hour or so, I received a call from the rehabilitation center that she was not doing well and they had taken her to the hospital. Her heart had given out.

My grandmother was intuitive and flat out psychic. As a teenager I purposely would think about school and homework when she came into the room because I knew she could read my mind. She was always very sad about only having received a third grade education, but her knowledge of “beingness” was extraordinary. I know now that she possessed the ability to access the Akashic field without knowing it. She always had the answer to what troubled you and if she didn’t she gave you the power to find it for yourself. I miss her everyday, but when I need an answer she’s still here to find it for me.