Dreaming of Denise

1990 ~

Not all my premonitions or knowings come when I’m awake. Back in 1990, I dreamt that I was on the side of a road by an embankment. It was the site of car crash but I was part of a crowd that could not get through the police tape. I could see a black Bronco truck that had rolled over but I could not get close enough to see anyone. Even though I couldn’t see, I knew it was my high school friend Denise.

The next morning, I got to work early. I was the only one there and the phone rang. I answered it and it was my sister with the terrible news that Denise had died in a car crash in Tallahassee. I told her that I knew it already because I had dreamt it the night before. I recounted my dream to her that one time and I didn’t talk about it again. 

I attended her funeral along with her family, friends and our classmates. I remember her mother was inconsolable and another friend was there with a newborn.

For a long, long time I felt Denise was with me. I had no real concrete evidence just the undeniable knowing that she was. Then I had another dream. I was in an airport walking down a terminal about to board a plane. At the very entrance of the jetway was a young couple. They were dressed in older fashioned clothes. The woman wore a muted brown pencil skirt and small felted hat. They were bent down trying to coax their little girl to board the plane alone. As I approached them, the little girl looked up at me and I knew it was Denise. Then I thought to myself… She’s three years old. We are the same age, so it’s 1969. I told her parents “I will take her” With that I took her hand and we boarded the flight. After that night, the sensation of her being around was gone. 

Maybe a couple of years ago, I was telling this story to someone in front of my sister. When the part of my first dream came up, my sister corrected me. She said that when I told her the dream that morning so long ago, I said I HAD made it through the police tape and I had seen Denise on the ground. I leaned in and held her hands and we had swapped positions. I was laying on the ground and she was standing over me. 

I honestly just remember my version but her life and death has impacted me greatly. Rest in power dear friend.